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Pocket-Friendly ideas for Royal Rajasthani Wedding

Pocket-Friendly ideas for Royal Rajasthani Wedding


Marriage is mostly a one time experience in everyone’s life; we all have many dreams associated with our wedding. Someone desires of a beach wedding, some for a themed destination wedding whereas some want a royal wedding at a palace. The expenses associated with these dreams are quite extravagant in these times if we add on the bills of some main elements of marriage like Venue, Catering, Outfits, Decorations, Invites, and Photography, etc you can likely expect a huge sum of expenditure. Now you might think it is ridiculously impossible to have a grand wedding with a cut short budget, but we feel no bride and groom should ever compromise on their dream wedding.

Here are some quick trick ideas that can change your impossible thought to very much possible. With the right planning and a few frugal choices, you can have a perfectly Royal wedding with your near and dear ones.

6 Hack Ideas that will reduce your Wedding Budget

The essential strategy to execute any event is to PLAN, planning the course of action for wedding events can save a lot of your hard-earned money. In order to plan the marriage effectively, it’s necessary to draw out the whole wedding budget and the areas of expenditure at least 4-5 months before the wedding. Once you know the number of events and your pocket size, you can easily break your budget and grandly have the dream wedding.

Idea 1- More Intimate guest list

The big fat Indian wedding is big fat because of the number of wedding guests attending it. The first step to make your wedding economical is to prepare a very intimate guest list comprising your immediate family and close friends. Many times we invite people just for the sense of obligation but you need to understand that with every added guest there is an added cost of accommodation, catering, and gifts. Therefore it is best to have an intimate and small guest list; it will also save you from some unwanted formality and make your marriage more fun.

Idea 2- Choose smart decor

A beautiful decoration indeed adds a splendid effect at a wedding, but spending unreasonably over this temporary arrangement is also foolish. You can save a lot on your wedding budget if you plan your decor smartly and in a personalized way. The most expensive part of wedding decor is fresh flowers and chandeliers which can easily be replaced by artificial flowers and accessories like frames, fairy lights, birdcages, hanging glass bottles, etc. Rather than overdoing the decor, you can personalize it and decorate the spots which would be photographed or used for any ritual. You can sit down with your decorator & negotiate over the details so that you can effectively get the desired decor effect at a minimal cost.

Rajasthani wedding decoration ideas for reception

Idea 3- Work on your food menu

Another element of an Indian wedding that requires a large budget is Catering; it is the most important part of wedding preparations as no compromises can be made with wedding food. The best way to save money with taste is to work on the wedding food menu. In place of serving a rich and unending variety of dishes, you can go for a balanced menu of scrumptious flavors.

Idea 4- Use sale to save

Yeah, you read it right, to save a large sum of money on wedding outfits you can take help from different Sale offers. In today’s time, there are many online and offline boutiques and showrooms that have Sale seasons in which you can get your wedding trousseau at a much lesser price. During the wedding and festive season, the rates of ethnic wear are quite high, but if you pre-plan the wedding shopping in the off-season you can rescue your wallet.

Idea 5- Say No to Last-minute preparations

The most effective way to have a grand Royal wedding is to avoid last-minute preparations. From invite designs to wedding venue everything should be finalized beforehand and nothing should be kept for the final hour. By preparing everything before the time we get a good time frame to research things, we can choose the most cost-effective option for different wedding elements. Negotiation and pre-booking of vendors for marriage events can save our budget and time very efficiently.

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The above ideas are tried and tested hacks which will definitely help you in planning your wedding in a pre-decided budget. There are many other techniques that can help in reducing your expenses like you can distribute some responsibilities among your friends and relatives who would be interested in helping you; anyone with good taste in music can be your DJ, one with styling and make-up sense can replace your beautician and any friend can handle the post of a bartender. With the budget in place and every preparation done, you will feel relaxed and would be able to enjoy your wedding without any extra stress. We wish you a healthy and successful married life.