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Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas and Games

Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas and Games


Indian marriage ceremonies are like a fun-filled party. Prior to the wedding ceremony, there are various pre-wedding rituals. Having plenty of time in hand, people comprehend many indoor and outdoor games to entertain their guests. Whether you are arranging your wedding party at home or a banquet hall or on the ground, entertainment can be involved anywhere. There are countless wedding entertainment ideas which can be incorporated to indulge the guests.

Entertainment does not always relate to cost. It can be done easily in the budget. The main pressing issue is to consolidate it in such a way that the games and activities entertain all the guests irrespective of their age. People of all age groups attend marriage functions, no matter whether a kid or an adult, everyone wants to enjoy the occasion. There are many exciting ideas which can rock your party. Some of the ideas are as follows:

Pop the balloon

One of the greatest relished activities of our childhood is pop the balloon. At the wedding venue, you can add a booth where the darts and balloons are kept. Guest would be allowed to throw darts on the balloon and then gifts can be given to the winners. This can be incorporated as one of the wedding reception entertainment ideas.

Photo Booth

Everyone enjoy clicking pictures. A photo booth can be a fun idea to be included in the wedding parties. Most of the people are readied prettily and using photo booth props they can take various beautiful pictures. Capturing photos can mark the occasion to be remembered forever.

Photo Booth Wedding Props - Indian Wedding Theme | Party Ideas

Cricket Match

A friendly cricket match can be hosted among the guests. It is the most beloved game of Indians. Most of the Indians know how to play this game. Hence, keeping this game on the list will be a huge success among many guests.


You can add Tug-of-war in your bucket list of games. Playing this game can be so much pleasurable. Divide the team as Bride’s and Groom’s team and then start the friendly match.

Wedding DJ

Pumping energy through DJ is the most common form of entertainment. DJs are not just restricted to the party nowadays instead they are now being set up at the wedding functions and keep attendees in fun and frolic moment.

Musical chairs

Who has not played musical chairs in birthday parties during childhood days? Almost everyone. It was one of those must-have games that was always there in the fun list. You can still add this game in your list and make guests remember their childhood days.

Hire live singers

Hiring live singers can create a sensuous night. The wedding atmosphere will be enhanced and guests can request the singer to sing live songs.


The wedding organizer can also call a magician for kids who come with their parents. They will be highly flabbergasted to see those tricks happening in front of their eyes.


A good fireworks show will be highly entertaining not only for kids but also for adults. Allow fireworks only under strict observation also if they produce low to minimum pollution.

Amazing Wedding Fireworks Ideas - Wedding Sparklers

Giant slide bouncer

Children will get busy with the slide bouncer if it is set up at the marriage hall. Parents will also be able to enjoy other things apart from carrying their child.

Name that song

The bride and groom’s team can take part in the game where each team has to guess the name of the song by listening to the initial tune. The most number of guesses by the team will win.


Playing Jenga can be such a treat. It is such an exciting game that every person enjoy playing. Removing a block piece without making it all fall can be a very challenging task. Guests need to be very careful while doing so.

Flying Kite

Each person can be involved in this game no matter a kid or an adult. It will take everyone the trip down memory lane. The words like “uskikatopatang” and “dheel do” will the only words you can hear at the time.

Ring Toss

Another cool activity for the night would be “Ring Toss”. You must have seen it in the carnivals in which you throw rings on the thing that you like. The ring on which it falls will be gifted to you.

Wedding Tattoos

Getting a personalised tattoo can be such an amusing thing. The guest attending your wedding function will remember it for a long time. Don’t worry, those tattoos will wear off after some time.

So, if you want to make your wedding a memorable day then make sure to include a few of these entertainment ideas in your to-do list.