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17 simple ways to strengthen and improve your relationship

17 simple ways to strengthen and improve your relationship


Being in a relationship, we often face problems and conflicts while maintaining the bond. We struggle to put efforts to improve and strengthen our relationship. Some people say they have lost the spark while some say they have changed with the passage of time.

Every statement is true. With the course of time, people tend to forget to reminisce about their love. Like a vehicle, a relationship also needs maintenance to run smoothly for a longer period of time. Spending quality time isn’t the only way to improve and strengthen your relationship. There are very minute details that need to be taken into consideration to maintain a healthy relationship.

Let us see some of the minor factors that play a major role to improve and strengthen your relationship.

1. “We” and “I”

Communication in a relationship is the key that either opens the door of arguments or it promotes healthy discussions. Usage of words we and I come into action when you are conveying your opinions. Try to use “we” when talking about future goals. Use “I” not only “you”, when you are citing blames. Always remember the golden rule that it is “we against the world” and not “I vs you”.

2. Have a doubt, Ask

Whenever you feel there is something wrong with the behavior of your partner, or he/she has liked some post on social media, or he/she is acting weird, etc. Do not cook stories in your mind and jump to conclusions. Instead, sit with them and ask your doubts. Ask questions and also convey what you felt. A polite discussion is all that you need to eradicate the virus of “Doubt”. This will help you improve your relationship as you will have more clarity.

3. Self-evaluation

A relationship is a two-way street. You have to give in an equal amount of effort as you expect from your partner. Blaming them for every issue is not the right thing. You have to realize that you can be wrong too. For this, the self-evaluation methodology is the best. When you are free, evaluate your actions and your words. Try to see the issues and fix them.

4. Share your problems

We go through a lot of difficult situations in our personal and professional life. That in turn, changes our behavior and makes us rude and moody which affects our relationship. Avoid this situation by sharing your problems with each other. After all, two is better than one. They can guide you and give you solutions wherever you find the situation tricky. This also enables them to understand you at a deeper level, further improving and strengthening your relationship.

5. Put yourself in their shoes

When going through any arguments or situation which you think is caused by your partner, first and foremost don’t start the blame game. Check and analyze the scenario. Why it is happening? What is the reason behind it? Try to imagine yourself in their situation. Put yourself in their shoes. This will make it easy for you to understand their behavior and give you solutions to avoid the problem. Also, it will give you ideas about how to approach and improve your relationship.

6. Keep a check on your words

Wounds heal but not ill words, as they forever sit in the heart. Try to avoid words that belittle or insult your partner. Putting down your partner damages your chances of keeping their heart occupied with good memories. Use words that promote love, hope, and happiness.

7. Plan a date

Remember the times when you were happy when you first went on a date. Exactly, this is what you have to do. Plan dates often to keep alive that spark and excitement. This refreshes both of you and will bring positive vibes to your relationship.

8. Try to experiment

If you think a certain trait or way is creating problems in your relationship, then try to experiment with new actions and words. Change the way you react to situations.

9. Switch your jobs

Sometimes, it happens that we get frustrated by doing the same task again and again. Meeting the deadlines makes us stressful. Although you cannot switch your professions, you surely can switch your household chores or petty tasks. Not necessary that the man has to pay the bills and the woman has to wash utensils.

10. Surprise with a gift

Don’t wait for special occasions to surprise your partner. Any day, any time you can organize a surprise movie date for them or you can gift them things they were thinking to buy. This boosts the emotions and brings a sense of contentment in your routine.

11. Spend quality time

Well giving time to each other, gives you an insight into what your partner is going through. What they are thinking, what situations they are facing at work, etc. Discussing all these matters makes you feel light-hearted and reduces mental stress. This makes the “us” bond stronger and helps you improve the quality of your relationship.

12. Appreciate

Complimenting each other on different occasions, appreciating each other’s efforts is the fuel that helps us to keep doing better. Appreciation is required to convey to your partner that how grateful you are to have them, how they have made this world a better place to live in. It conveys that you respect and adore their presence in your life.

13. Express your love

Words of love are all a person needs to live life peacefully amidst all the chaos. Tell them how much they mean to you, how much you love them every now and then. This makes them believe how important they are for you and they are not taken for granted.

14. Take consent

Being in a relationship, there are times when we make decisions on behalf of our partners. You might be lucky that your decision bought fruitful outcomes. But that may not be the case every time. Before making any decision, take the consent of your partner. Listen to their verdicts and make mutual decisions.

15. Listen before you speak

This statement reminds us of our English teacher. But, it is the golden statement for every relation. Always listen to your partner’s point of view and then convey your thoughts. Don’t dominate your partner. If you have any doubts then just don’t start accusing them. Listen to why they are in such a situation.

16. Neglect ego

Ego is the virus that infects the relationship very badly. There should be no place of ego in your relationship. You both are equal and no one holds the authority. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take action voluntarily. “Thank you” and “Sorry” should always be spoken whenever needed.

Also, forgive and move on easily. Don’t hold grudges for long.

17. Give space

Just like quality time is necessary for a stronger relationship, at the same time, you need to give space to each other. When both of these things get balanced, both of you will prosper in your personal as well as professional life.

These were some of the ways to improve and strengthen your relationship. We hope these points will help you change your approach and will help your relationship prosper. We wish you all the best.